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Include historically minority groups  and promoting an environment of respect for differences is not just a legal obligation - it is a bet on the future.

Because of this belief, after a successful career as an executive in large companies,  Ivone Santana  chose to be a diversity and sustainability consultant and founded the  Instituto Modo Parités , a social business 2.5 that makes  a bridge between social and corporate interests, with the aim of including the diversity , especially people with disabilities in the labor market, as provided for in the quota law . In the last company she worked for, Magazine Luiza, Ivone Santana implemented a diversity program that had an impact throughout the corporation, was recognized by the market and, above all, brought positive results in terms of quantity and quality. Watch the video with testimonies from entrepreneurs, public agents and executives engaged with the inclusion and formulation of public policies and understand a little more about the different issues for the social inclusion of minorities in companies. Share so that together we can make this cause more pressing on the agenda of Brazilian society.  The space for dialogue is open. Welcome! 

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Contribute to form a society in which the integration of influences promotes access to opportunities for all people, valuing life in its entirety.


Helping companies and institutions strengthen their organizational culture through social inclusion and sustainability programs and practices.

Values and Beliefs

  • everyone is of equal importance

  • Elevated consciousness and quality of relationships improve the world

  • shared prosperity

  • Generosity

  • Spirituality

  • Integrity

  • Trust


Promote equality of opportunity for all, without discrimination and without privileges, so that everyone wins.

Institute  Parités mode in motion (To access the description, click on the  Image)


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No posts published in this language yet
Once posts are published, you’ll see them here.

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